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Everybody Loves a Quitter

Top 5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

1. Quit for your health

Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Canada? In fact, it’s responsible for:

  • 45,000 deaths a year – 40% of which are from various cancers
  • 35% are from heart disease and stroke
  • 25% are from other lung diseases

Quitting can add as much as 10 years to your life. And you’ll reap the benefits immediately.


Ask an Expert!

The Question: “I only smoke a few cigarettes a day, but I used to smoke a lot more. That’s ok, right?” – R. Harper

The Answer: Not everybody can go from smoker to non-smoker in a day. For people who find quitting challenging, a reduce-to-quit strategy can be beneficial, with the ultimate goal of eventually cutting out tobacco.
Valerie Kalyn


2. Quit for your looks

  • You’ll look better and feel better!
  • Your breath will be fresher
  • Your stained teeth will get whiter
  • Your clothes and hair will smell better

Plus, that yellow stain you can’t get rid of on your fingers and nails will disappear. Most of all, you may notice that your oral health will improve and that you’ll have fewer wrinkles.  

3. Quit for your savings

Want to save $3,640? Quit today. Let’s do the math:

1 pack of cigarettes/day x $10 x 7 (Days/week) x 52 weeks = $3,640 /yr

A tropical beach holiday, a new laptop, a guitar, a mountain bike, a yoga membership – it’s just the beginning of what you can do with the money you’ll save. Plus, non-smokers get lower insurance rates too.

Ask an Expert!

The Question: “How can increase my chances of quitting?” - B. Banks

The Answer: 1. It takes on average 4-7 quit attempts to kick the habit. Remember that any previous quit attempts were a “learning opportunity”, not a failure. 2. Cut your caffeine intake by 50%. Caffeine toxicity can often look like nicotine withdrawal. 3. About 5% of people can quit ‘Cold Turkey” – so make sure you develop a plan with your pharmacist that includes nicotine replacement or prescription.
Valerie Kalyn


4. Quit for the people in your life

Second-hand smoke is deadly.

Be a positive role model for your family, children and the people around you. If a mother smokes, there is a greater risk of her baby developing asthma in childhood, especially if she smokes when she is pregnant. Smoking is also linked to SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and low birth weight babies.

Children raised in a household where there is smoking have more:

  • Ear infections
  • Colds
  • Bronchitis
  • Other lung and breathing problems

5. Quit for your convenience

Forget about driving with the windows down or smoking out in the cold or wet weather. Forget about rifling through your bag to find a lighter or matches. Forget about the cravings. Forget about smoking – period.

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